What should you expect from a truly great job board solution?
Mobile Ready

Mobile is the future and the future is now

90% of Job Seekers use mobile devices
According to a survey by Glassdoor, nearly 90% of job seekers say they plan on using their mobile device during their job search.

Be ready for mobile users now
Does your job board vendor have a mobile option grafted on top to just provide some limited functionality or are your users stuck without a mobile option at all?

Built for Mobile
Our job board solution was built from the ground up with mobile in mind. Every page scales and formats to allow mobile users complete functionality throughout the job board.

Maximize your potential
If your job board doesn't allow job seekers and your employer customers to do everything they need to do on their mobile devices, they may not be using you much longer.

Your Brand

Your board, your brand

Your job board should reflect your brand
Does your job board kind of look like all the other job boards that vendor is currently supporting? Can you do more than add a logo and pick a color?

Differentiate with complete customization
Your unique identity is your advantage. Our job board solution is built for complete customization using flexible stylesheets and your graphics to determine the look and feel of your board. We never use fixed table-based layout formatting.

Stand out from the pack
There are a huge variety of additional customization options throughout the platform including adding additional pages, adding search categories, and custom content throughout your job board.

Complete Job Board

Complete Job Board

Make sure your job board is a complete solution
Does it have all the features you need to provide your customers a great experience? Our job board solution is a complete, flexible solution. Here are just a sampling of the advanced features many other job board platform vendors don't provide.

Increase revenue with flexible product pricing
Provide flexible purchasing options for your employer customers including introductory offers, volume discounts, product combinations, and your own products like white papers or seminars.

Provide searchable resume database
Allow your employer customers to search for qualified candidates. Employers can also set up resume alerts to get notified about new resumes matching their searches.

Communicate with rich email templates
Create graphical, mergeable email templates for your staff and employer customers for easy, professional correspondence.

Keep current with employer management tools
Manage all your employer customers through an easy-to-use interface. See all their activity including jobs, applicants, purchases, balances, etc.