Administration Features

Running Your Board

Your operator Dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of activity on your Job Board. Link to corresponding pages to get the details.

You also have a variety of reports to get further information about the activity on your board.

Employer Management

Manage employer sales process with basic CRM capabilities including messages and notes. Create a full featured profile for your employers with html, graphics, and video or let the employer create their own. Track employer invoices and accept payment by credit card, check, or wires. You may emulate an employer user to be able to assist if necessary.

Job Seeker Management

Track job seeker registration and resume activity. Direct marketing efforts with customizable awareness sources. Offer resume database search to your employers when ready.

Custom Pages and Content

Create custom pages for your board using our custom content editor. Keep job board home page and employer information pages fresh using the HTML WYSIWYG editor. Add custom instructions to every page if desired.

Custom Forms

Create custom forms for lead generation, hiring events, or anything else you can think of. Completed forms are emailed to you and saved to the database.

Product Management

Create a wide variety of products including job postings (standard, featured, or premium), resume search access, featured employer spots, and custom products (e.g. white papers, seminars, career fairs). Assemble product offerings into packages for employers.

Create promo codes for special promotions and discounts.

Ecommerce / Recurring Billing

Flexible ecommerce options allow you to get paid at point of purchase with secure credit card processing.

You have the option of creating packages that can automatically charge your employer customers on a periodic basis (e.g. subscription). This gives your business the benefit of a more consistent revenue stream.

Email Marketing

Send messages to your employer and job seeker base for marketing or general announcements. You have many options for selecting groups of recipients.

Create beautiful email templates for marketing or system notification messages with merge fields, images, and html.

Job Scraping

We can scrape jobs from employer web sites on a daily basis and automatically close those jobs when they are no longer available.

This allows you to provide a service to your employers by offering to pull jobs automatically from their web site so they don't have to do the work of manually posting their jobs.

You can also build traffic quickly by pulling jobs for your niche from other employer sites.

SEO and Google Jobs

We automatically generate site maps to get your jobs seen by the search engines. Site URLs are in search engine friendly format.

All pages use proper modern semantic markup including the structured job data required by Google to have your jobs show up in the Google Jobs results, increasing your traffic.

Data Export

We provide a number of options for data export to reports of various activities on your job board. Some example report types are Job Search Activity, Awareness Summary, and Sales Summary reports.

Categories and Custom Fields

Create categories and custom fields specific to your industry or segment. This allows you to create filters and track additional information with your job postings, job seekers, and employers.

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