Job Seeker Features

Interactive Job Maps

The interactive job map can be placed on any page including your home page, job search page, or another other page on your board.

Job Search

Job seekers can quickly find relevant jobs through the job search page. You can define additional search categories to further refine the search process.

Easy Apply

Once your job seekers have registered, apply to jobs is a simple as a click increasing the number of applicants for your jobs.

Job seekers can also upload additional attachments like certifications, licenses, etc.

Job Alerts

Keep your Seekers engaged with Automatic Job Alerts based on the Seeker's job search and application history.

Seekers can also set up their own alerts and request notification by email or text message any time a new job is posted that matches their search criteria.

Resume Options

Job seekers can create and manage resumes in a variety of formats. They can upload an existing resume as a PDF, Word documents, Pages documents and more.

Job seekers can also use our powerful Resume Builder to create a professional looking resume.

Applying to jobs becomes a single click process.

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