Job Seekers Will Enjoy Searching And Applying For Your Jobs
Job Search

Job Search

  • Job seekers can find relevant jobs in a number of different ways.
  • The job search function allows the job seeker to enter keywords and location to find relevant jobs.
  • You as the job board operator may provide additional search categories to further refine the search process.
  • Job seekers can view featured jobs in various places around the job board web site.
  • Job seekers can click on featured employer logos and see all the jobs for that employer.
  • Job seekers can save jobs to be viewed and applied to later.
  • Job alerts can notify job seekers any time a new job is posted that matches their search criteria.
Application Process

Application Process

  • Registering as a job seeker is easy using our streamlined process.
  • During registration, the job seeker can upload a fully formatted resume (e.g. PDF or Word Document) although it is not required.
  • Job seekers can store multiple resumes and can update any resume at any time.
  • Applying to jobs becomes a single click process unless the employer provides screening questions.
  • The applicant can get automatic email confirmations from the employer along with other employer requested status emails.